Antonios Antoniadis was raised in Marbella, a coastal city in the south of Spain, later moving to the UK at the age of 16 to attend boarding school.  Born to Russian and Greek parents Antonios grew up in a culturally diverse world, which gave him a unique perspective and enabled him the learning of 5 languages (English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and German). His first true contact with the arts happened by chance in a high school performance of the musical Moulin Rouge, portraying The Argentinean.  Without thinking much of the experience Antonios then enrolled at a prestigious UK university to receive his BA in Business Management. Soon after enrolling at college Antonios realized that his true vocation may be in the arts after all, and decided to pursue this idea following the completion of his degree. Having first trained in London Antonios completed the full time program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles including the company year. Since then Antonios was trusted to take on leading roles in classic American theatre dramas such as The Crucible and Doubt, as well as exercising his comedic and character talent in roles such as Satan in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Bottom in Shakespeareโ€™s A Mid Summer Nights Dream. With two features under his belt and several shorts in under a year in the film industry Antonios is marching ahead at a steady pace.  A passionate and fierce actor with a proclivity to taking risks and full commitment.